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InfoTek Perspective Services Limited commenced in August 2007. By June 2008, a group of top Nigeria ICT Consultants in Nigeria with bias in IT VAS Services such as Short Code Premium, USSD for Voting Competitions, Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Voice OTP, OTP SMS, IVR, Data Warehousing, WhatsApp Chat Bot, eCommerce Solutions, Toll Free USSD Menu Application Code Procurement, and much more. We are primarily a Channel VAS Provider that has agreement with VAS Providers to resell Value Added Services in Nigeria.

Relying on this core team, we have developed peculiar blend of functional and technical expertise that we have acquired and learned around the world. We have worked hard to attract and retain people with best practices. Due to these, we are able to offer top quality ICT consulting services, Systems Design, development, deployment and projects management that run into millions of Dollars within IT world economy environment. We have a combined experience of over two decades. We are located at Kaura Modern Market, Suite BG 6, Durumi District, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

Our Core Values

USSD for Voting Competitions

OTP SMS for Verification and Authentication in Nigeria

Free Virtual Number for Receiving OTP SMS and Verification

2023 Valid GSM Number and Email Address Database for Marketing

WhatsApp Business Chatbot

Voice OTP

USSD for Payment Solutions

Voice SMS

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InfoTek Perspective Services Limited is the leading channel value added service provider in Nigeria. We specialize in content aggregation and Information Technologies in Africa. We will offer you shortcode services, voicesms, bulksms, USSD Solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Bluetooth Marketing, SIM Card or Long Code Hosting, Mobile Web Development. Visit our various webistes: For Shortcodes in Nigeria, visit, For Voice SMS in Nigeria, visit or,