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Voice SMS/Robo Call Solutions in Nigeria

Toll-Free SMS environment is offered by InfoTek Perspective Services (Industry leader in this segment) which allows you to receive SMS from your customers and prospects without letting them incur any cost.

As 90% of Nigerian mobile users are pre-paid customers and out of them 80% generally have less than NGN150.00 as an average balance in their pre-paid account which always discourages them to send any SMS to query or as a feedback on a premium SMS Short Code which generally charges NGN30.00, NGN50.00, and NGN100.00 per SMS.

Many surveys has showed that customers are more interested in communicating on a toll-free channel rather than on a toll channel like a premium or non-premium (regular billing plan) short codes.

Our proposed solution will feature:

  • SMPP or HTTP connection to Application Server; HTTP API will be provided for receive/send SMS integration
  • Short range number for aggregation to ensure network versatility and acceptance
  • Number aggregation to ensure coverage over all GSM networks – MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel
  • Toll-free/ reverse billing for all messages sent from the general public regardless of GSM network terminator. General public will not be billed for sms sent.
  • Acknowledgement response/Delivery Report procedure will be stated in the API. Instant SMS Report details will be forwarded to your application for management.
  • Reach out to large target audience.
  • One way voice communication with group of people non-intrusively through sms.
  • It's extremely helpful for marketers who want to promote their products.
  • Even illiterate person can understand the Voice sms.

Cost Implications:

  • One-Off Setup Cost: N450,000.00 (Setup can take up to 16weeks) plus 5% VAT
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: N65,000.00 (N195,000.00 paid quarterly) plus 5% VAT
  • Minimum Bulk SMS Escrow Account: 1 Million Units @ N1.20k each plus 5% VAT


Depending on the GSM Network of the sender's phone, a certain amount of credit is debited fron your Bulk SMS Escrow account. Below is the breakdown of billing:

  • MTN - 5 Credits is deducted per sms
  • Airtel - 7.5 Credits is deducted per sms
  • Globacom - 5 Credits is deducted per sms
  • Etisalat - 7 Credits is deducted per sms

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