Secured OTP Transactional Services in Nigeria

Voice OTP Service In Nigeria

Are you having difficulty sending OTP to your clients via SMS? Is your SMS blocked due to DND? No worries, with our secured Voice OTP services, you can send the same code via Voice and complete a secured the same transactions successfully.  This process bypasses even Full DND subscriptions and is very effective. Voice OTP API is available upon request. The Outbound Dial (OBD) VoiceOTP-Lite solution is an automatic dialler enabling the broadcast of a dynamic One-Time-Password (OTP) – via a voice message to specific mobile phone subscribers in Nigeria. For the VoiceOTP-Lite version, there is no welcome or brand-based greeting, as the calls are limited to a maximum of Twelve (12) seconds only.

The One-Time Password (OTP) service – via outbound voice call (OBD) enables the sending of OTP data to mobile network users, via a voice call – using Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology. Also, for this solution, there is no need to establish any SIP connectivity to our solution platform, as the initiation of the VoiceOTP is via an HTTP API. 

The structure of the API for initiation of voice-based OTP service, contains the parameters necessary for the initiation of the VoiceOTP-Lite Outbound calls, as follows:
i.    APIadmin = Admin API User name provided to the main customer platform, to initiate the push of OTP to a recipient MSISDN – for a corporate organization
ii.    AdminToken = Authentication Token provided to the Admin API User
iii.    Username = CustomerID of the corporate organization, whose customer/recipient the OTP is to be pushed to
iv.    SessionID = Session ID for the audit trail of the OTP being sent (Unique random number, generated by Integrators)
v.    OTPVal = The actual 4 Digit OTP value 
vi.    Phone = MSISDN of the OTP recipient (in 11-digit, local format) 

NOTE: API is available upon request

The OBD call receiver, will hear the VoiceOTP in the following – Lite format: 
“Your Password is ‘WXYZ’. Your Password is ‘WXYZ’”.

Each Call Broadcast OBD runs with the following Call and status parameters: 
a.    Calling number in the form of 01-8XXXXXX – enabling subscribers to call back and either listen again and/or report an issue, via IVR technical support menu. 

b.    A customer Email address or Call-back URL, where the status of the calls will be sent to


VoiceOTP-Lite Service Pricing 

  • a. No set up fees! 
  • b. Pricing per maximum call duration, with a minimum of 50,000 call credits, and a maximum of 4 call attempts – per single VoiceOTP send attempt to a unique number. 
  • c. Setup is prepaid. 

Setup Duration: A lead time of about 48 hours is required for service setup upon receipt of payment.

For more details on OTP unit cost contact, us at: 0700-INFOTEK, 0813-287-8945 or 0809-494-7473


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